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The UAE Cultured Pearls - Cultivation, Culturing, Farming, Environment


The Suwaidi Pearls Farm in Rams Ras Al Khaimah has been using innovative techniques in cultivating cultured Pearls.  So now we also have cultured Pearls produced in the UAE.  This is a potential development that links the past to the future. 


Cultured pearls are still a product of nature and are as natural as the Pearls found in the wilds. They are grown naturally and require the same biological processes: there must be a healthy oyster in an unpolluted environment to produce a Pearl. The environment plays a fundamental role in Pearl growth. 


Pearl farming is a long-term investment; there must be the correct balance between a protected environment, in which eco-systems co-exist, and a successfully operating Pearl farm that can give the time needed for the nacre to build to produce high-grade Pearls.