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A dream of many ideas coming together, with great passion and

an opportunity ceased is how Suwaidi Pearls Farm was born.

For thousand of years our ancestors adventured into the seas to find the gem “Pearls” that would economically support the livelihood of the families and shape the future of our country UAE. 


I’m honored to see today Suwaidi Pearls Farm is carrying forward the legacy and through innovation we have proven that these beautiful gem can revive our history and take its place in the global market. Our Pearls Farm in Al Rams, Ras Al Khaimah , UAE boasts thousands of Oysters and Pearls and we have built a platform in order to create the perfect utilization of our available resources and raw materials. 


While the UAE growth and prosperity was initially based on the Pearling Industry, today the UAE boasts of well diversified economy, with an internationally significant industrial and commercial base.

Last year we opened Suwaidi Pearls Farm for visitors and today we have become one of the prominent tourist destination in the UAE, were we are witnessing people coming from every walks of life appreciating and enjoying our history, culture and adventure. We are also developing more divisions and soon the market will witness more surprises with creative UAE products and services. 


A lot has been planned and a lot to be executed, we are a very subtle organization and we like to create examples from our work, we are more flexible and adoptable than any industry in providing our scope of services. We strongly believe in collaboration and through our partners we are expanding and will continue to do so.


I would like to thank H.H The Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah for providing world-class infrastructure wherein opportunities were plentiful. Their vision and support is playing a vital role in our growth so far and will remain going forward. 


Finally, I would to thank you for visiting our website. We will continue to inspire you with our stories, experiences, adventures, innovative ideas, unique products, UAE cultures and hospitality services and much more. I personally assure you of our best services at all times.