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As history states Julfar emerged as one of the most important pearling centers, due to its geographical location between the pearls banks and Hormuz. Starting from the 17th century it became a dominant political center in the Gulf and was well known for its output of the best quality of pearls.  Furthermore in 18th century an Indian civil servant called Lorimer, author of “Gazetteer of the Persian Gulf” referred to Julfar as Ras Al Khaimah as well.   


With the Gulf home to such a rich resource of Pearls, it became known as the Pearling center of the ancient world. From the beginning of 12th century until the 20th century, the prolific fisheries made the Gulf the provider of the best Pearls in the world. The Pearling was entwined in the culture and the traditions of everyday life during the time many divers family dedicated their lives to Pearls diving as it was the main means of living and generating wealth.