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Many families in the Gulf region where intrinsically linked to the history of Pearling era dating back to 12th & 13th century. The relationship between Pearls and the Gulf stretches back thousands of years, and for centuries, nomadic traders, herdsmen and fishermen roamed the shores of the Gulf, becoming skilled and knowledgeable about the Pearls. The occasional prize of discovering a beautiful pearl became an obsession and trading began inland as early as the Neolithic period.



Abdulla Al Suwaidi is a passionate visionary’s with a quest of bringing back the Arabian Pearls back to the shores of the Gulf. His ancestors carried on with Pearling for generations leading finally to the 20th century with his grandfather as being the only remaining pearl divers of Al Suwaidi legacy. 


The history of pearling in the gulf and UAE is evident from a historical Pearling document written by a Roman scholar Pliny the Elder, quoting “the most perfect and exquisite of all others, be that they are gotten about Arabia”. 


Furthermore the celebrated Arab Muslim Geographer and Egyptologist, Al-Idrisi refers specifically to Julfar as an important pearling area. While Gasparo Balbi, the Venetian court jeweler, declared that in 1580 the best pearls were to be found in Julfar, as famously documented by R. Carter.