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The power of the pearl was never over looked and it became a useful tool for rulers to intimidate and impress as was Cleopatra’s story with Marc Antony, the General of the Roman Army! She removed from her ears two magnificent pear-shaped pearls and dissolved them in the vinegar and drank the mixture to inspire and allure the General.


Many more such stories like the epic of Gilgamesh the Mesopotamian King in search of the flower of immortality in the deep ocean so he could live forever!

Pearls are historically connected to many civilizations and religions of the world! 


Therefore history of Pearls is rich with many myths! There were many fabulous famous men & women who were well known for their love of pearls right from the 12th century. Such as Queen Mary I of England (1516-1558), Mary Tudor, Catherine de’Medici (1519-89), Queen of France, King Francis I of France (1494-1547), and many more including the Royal clothing’s & accessories of the Kings and Maharajas.